Beowawe, NV Train Collision, Oct 1903



Beowawe, Nev., Oct. 2. -- A disastrous head-on collision occurred last night on the Salt Lake division of the Southern Pacific at this station. The first section of train No. 6, the Atlantic Express from San Francisco, collided with the second section of No. 219, a west bound freight train. One passenger was killed and twenty injured.
ALLEN HARPER, aged about 34 years, Pocatello, Idaho, a member of the Order of Railway Conductors and a Knight Templar, was killed.
Relief trains were sent to the scene of the wreck from Winnemucca carrying doctors. Among the passengers on the train were a doctor and a trained nurse, and two discharged soldiers. The latter had served in the hospital corps in the Philippines. They rendered great service to the injured before the arrival of other medical assistance.
The concussion was so great when the trains collided, that passenger coach telescoped the smoking car for half its length. The engines are now locked together.
MR. HARPER was sitting in the rear end of the smoker and was pinioned in the wreckage being horribly mangled. Death was not instantaneous but nearly two hours were consumed in extricating the body. Many remarkable escapes from death are told of by passengers.
The second section of train No. 219 came down the main line at Beowawe to allow a freight on the track to pull out. Conductor Dorsey, in charge of No. 219, saw what the engineer was doing and as No. 6 was about due, turned the air on the train, breaking it in two. The head brakeman went back to chain up while the fireman went to flag the first section of No. 6, which was coming. It being on a curve, the passenger engineer did not see the flagman until the trains were almost together and it was impossible to prevent the crashing together of the powerful engines. Both engine crews jumped and both engines were demolished.
Large gangs of workmen built a track around the wreck and the road was ready for traffic by 4 o'clock this morning.
The dead and injured were taken on the second section of No. 6 to Ogden, with the exception of Fireman STONE and GRANT PYLE of San Francisco, who were transferred to No. 5 and sent to San Francisco.

Daily Californian Bakersfield 1903-10-02