Mountain City, NV Gas Filled Copper Mine, Aug 1936



Mountain City, Nev., Aug. 14. -- (AP) -- The bodies of six men -- five of whom a company official said died "heroically but needlessly" -- were recovered today from the gas-filled depths of a copper mine in which they perished last night.
The victims were:
JOHN SHEPPARD, 32, Wellington, Colo.
LAWRENCE WILLIS, 32, Emmet, Idaho.
JUNE BARR, 45, Mammoth, Ore.
ALBERT ATEL, 41, Mountain City, Nev.
FRANK TEIXERA, 44, Mountain City, Nev.
WILLIAM BURNS, 48, Mountain City, Nev.
At Salt Lake City, James O. Elton, president of the International Smelting company which operates the mine, said five of the six "died heroically but needlessly" when they braved the lethal fumes in an effort to rescue a pumpman who had failed to return early last night from the 500-foot level.
In their haste, he said, they neglected to obtain gas helmets available at the mine plant.
Mine authorities said they were uncertain as to the source of the fumes which continued to taint the air today in spite of continued pumping. It was customary for a man to inspect the pumps regularly. It was while making this inspection that the first victim met death.
State Mine Inspector Matt Murphy was reported on his way to investigate.

Mountain City, Nev., Aug. 14. -- (AP) -- Lethal fumes balked determined attempts by grim-faced miners today to recover remaining bodies of six men from the black, gas-filled depths of a copper mine.
A. P. Lofquist, Mountain City Copper Company mine superintendent, impatiently awaited additional oxygen equipment from Salt Lake City.
"We can't do much until we get it," he said. "The air's getting plenty thick down there and gas is pouring in from somewhere, a fissure probably."
The bodies of JOHN SHEPPARD, 31, of Wellington, Colo., and WILLIAM BURNS, 48, of Mountain City, were brought up shortly after midnight from the 500-foot level as tearful women and children of this mushrooming Northern Nevada mining camp crowded around the entrance to the shaft. They had been there ever since news of the tragedy spread in early evening.
Lofquist said the bodies of LAWRENCE WILLIS, 32, of Emmett, Ida.; JUNE BARR, 45, of Mammoth, Ore.; ALBERT ATEL, 41, of Mountain City and FRANK TIEXIGRA, 44, of Mountain City, rest in the mine where they were overcome.
"I went down with the crew, in search of the men when they failed to show up after shift," the superintendent said. "We found gas and came back for masks."

Corsicana Daily Sun Texas 1936-08-14