Carson, NV Baseball Accident, Jul 1889


A Player Gets His Nose [illegible] Smashed.

The Carson Tribune of the 5th inst. says: While playing baseball at Genoa yesterday, Selden Richards of Carson sustained an injury that will probably disfigure him for life. He was at the bat when a high ball with incurve came over the plate. He struck at it, and instead of the ball going out into the field, it darted up the bat like a flash, lodging on the right side of Seldon's nose, breaking it so badly that the bones could be sticking out of the flesh. The young man fell to the ground as though shot. Before he could be conveyed to Dr. Young's office he bled nearly a gallon of blood. Dr. Young fixed the injured man's nose up in as good shape as possible, but it be several days before Richards will be able to resume work. It is a fearful break, in fact a blow from a hammer could not have made a more disastrous wreck of the nasal organ.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 6 Jul 1889