Eureka, NV Fire, Aug 1880

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17. - A dispatch from Eureka at 10 o'clock this morning says a fire broke out on the east side of Main street, south of Odd Fellows building. It spread rapidly and traveled over substantially the same ground as the great fire of a year ago. The loss is even more as the buildings were better and newer. The fire extended south on Main street to Gold street, and swept everyting to the northward. The wind was blowing a gale. Amonth the prominent buildings and institutions destroyed may be mentioned the following: Man's brewery, Leader printing office, Odd Fellows' building, Jackson House, gutted but standing, International Hotel, theatre, and all intervening buildings, save Paxton & Co's bank, Pickard & Foley's building and Jack Perry's corner. It is impossible to form any estimate of the losses, but the amount must be about $1,000,000. All of the private residences on Spring, Buel, and Paul streets north of the Episcopal Church, were consumed. There can be no doubt that many families are left destitute.

The Salt Lake Weekly Tribune, Salt Lake City, UT, 21 Aug 1880


Particulars of Tuesday's Fire - List of the Losses.

EUREKA, Nev., August 18th. - By the fire on Tuesday fully fifty acres in the heart of town was swept over. In this space only Jack Perry's corner, Tommy Douglass's building, the Foley - Rickard bock, Paxton & Co's bank, Jack Cohn's store, Dr. Schneider's drugstore, Kayser's clothing store, and C. Lantenschlager's corner saloon are left standing.

The exact origin of the fire is not known. The [sic] anyone knew the flames were far advanced in the rear of the premises already noted. When the fire had got beyond control, a scene ensued which beggars all description. Hundreds of men, women and children, totally panic-stricken - frenzied, in fact, with fear - were fleeing in allo directions for safety, some of the cooler ones bearing with them cherished articles of personal or household goods. It was due to the most heroic efforts that the fire was confined to the east side of Main street. The buildings on the west side was charred, and many of them damaged.

The Leader office, the Odd Fellows' Hall, the theatre, the International Hotel, A. M. Hillhouse's elegant residence, and the Methodist Church were among the prominent buildings destroyed. The Jackson House was gutted, but still stands. The International is burned to the ground. The total losses are estimated at three-quarters of a million, covered by about $150,000 insurance.

Following is a partial list of the losses: Odd Fellows' Hall, $20,000, insurance, $10,000; R. Ryland brick building, $10,000, insurance $4,900; W. O. Mills Jr., restaurant dwelling and other buildings, $8,000, insurance $1,000; Foley Rickard, brick, damaged $100; Molinetti & Co., office, $700; Eureka and California Lumber Co., $20,000; C. U. Aiken, dwellings, $4,000, insurance, $1,200; Wells, Fargo & Co., damaged $100; Mrs. Julia Brown, seven buildings, $12,000, insurance $2,600; W. S. Board, a dwelling, total loss, insurance not known; White Pine Bank, damage $500, covered by insurance; Phil Harris, cigar store, damaged $500, covered by insurance; H. Cohn, cigar store, $2,000, insurance $1,000; Alf. Harris, Merchants' Exchange, damaged $600, covered by insurance; R. M. Beatty, office and dwelling, $2,500; C. H. Fiske, resaurant, $10,000, insurance $2,000; William Jolin, $600; M. Davidson, stock and building damaged, $15,000, covered by insurance; J. W. Kanffman, stock damaged $300; W. H. Stowell, store damaged $300; M. D. Folee, $25,000, probable insurance, $10,000; B. Reinhart & Co., $5,000, insurance unknown; Smith & Dosk, $3,000; R. Sadler, $10,000, insurance $1,500; W. H. Clark, $500; Ed. R. Clate, dwelling, $1,800; F. Dontrick, dwelling, $500; T. R. Hutchinson & Co., damage in store, $250, covered by insurance; H. Casey, barber shop, $1,800; A. Skillman, dwelling, $1,500; W. E. Davidson, stationery store, damage between $500 and $800; Postoffice, furniture damaged, $100; F. Kasten, brewery, damage $800, covered by insurance; L. Lesser, fruit store, damage $200; L. Himes, tailor shop, $800; John Terre, saloon, damage $450, covered by insurance; A. Dumas, saloon and dwelling, $4,500, insurance $3,000; Clay Simms, dwelling, $3,000; F. Rodoni & Co., saloon, damaged $5,000, covered by insurance; G. A. Plain, office and library, $600; Dr. J. R. N. Owen, office, $500; Hiram and M. M. Johnson, goods and building, $6,000, insurance $4,000; cellar containing $10,000 worth of goods, saved; T. J. Read, office, $2,000, insurance $1,000; D. Dean, saloon, $1,750; Balich & Pramento, damage, $300; Alf. Harris, store, loss, $2,000, covered by insurance; Browe, Talsel & Co., damage to stock, $15,000, partially covered by insurance; D. Nathan, clothier, between $25,000 and $30,000, damage to stock, partially covered by insurance; J. B. Langstroff, tailor shop, $900; B. Alexander's store, between $6,000 and $7,000; Mrs. Alf. Chariz, dwelling and furniture, $700; Mrs. M. G. Cavanagh, house and furniture, $1,500; F. Abadie, dwelling, $400; Sweeney & Kermeen, livery stable, $3,000; M. B. Bartlett, hall, $5,000, insurance, $1,000; Sweney & Kermeen, two dwellings, $2,000, insurance $6,000; Mrs. J. C. Lockwood, two dwellings, $1,500, insurance, $750; W. G. Mills Jr., hotel, $3,000, insurance, $1,200; W. P. Haskell, hall, $3,000; H. Vorberg, brewery, $5,000; Opera House, $15,000, insurance, $5,000; J. Mendes, two dwellings, $15,000; Mrs. Morgan, hall, $4,000, insurance, $1,000; M. Welling, loss, $1,000, insured; R. Ryland, two brick dwellings, $4,000, insurance, $1,500; M. R. Chamblin, two dwellings, $1,500; D. E. Bailey, dwelling, $1,500; O. I. Scott, hall, $1,500, insurance $600; D. H. Hall, two dwellings, $1,000; W. T. Layshon, hall and two dwellings, $7,000; Mrs. Morgan, dwelling, $1,000, insurance, $100; Dr. Hamilton, dentist's office, $3,000; Frank Abadie, brick office and dwelling, $5,000; Hong Lee, dwelling, $600; F. O. Swenson, dwelling, $750, insured; L. Manaro, dwellings, $500; Mrs. Johnson, two dwellings, $1,500; Mrs. Poplin, two dwellings, $1,400; A. Jackson, dwelling, $1,000; J. Vanderleith, dwelling, $500; Moeller & Robbins, assayers, $3,000; T. Laspeyre, law office, $2,000; Hamburg office, $500; M. B. Bartlett, dwelling and furniture, damage, $2,000; Geo. W. Baker, two dwellings and stable, $7,000; Mrs. Cottle, dwelling and furniture, $6,000, insurance, $2,000; A. E. Titus, dwelling and furniture, $6,500, insurance, $2,000; Mrs. Stewart, two dwellings and furniture, $5,000, insurance, $1,500; Methodist Church, $2,000, parsonage, $1,000; [sic] Vanderleith, dwelling, $1,750; M. D. Foley, dwelling and furniture, $3,000; L. Monaco, two dwellings, $3,000, insurance, $1,500; Geo. W. Williams, dwelling, $1,500, insured; Knickerbocker Hook and Ladder Company, houses, $2,500; F. J. Toomey, furniture, $2,000; Geo. W. Williams, two dwellings, $3,500, insurance, $1,500; Dan McKinnon, dwelling, $1,500; J. S. Whitton, dwelling, $1,500; R. Gibson, dwelling and furniture, $2,500; C. J. R. Butler, dwelling and furniture, $3,000, insurance, $750; J. S. Whitton, dwelling and furniture, $5,000; Conrad Miller, dwelling and furniture, $1,200, insurance, $500; Charles Pryor, dwelling, $500; W. S. McLellan, lumber yard and dwelling, $3,000, insured; Matt Schatziein, damage to barber shop, $100; J. V. B. Perry, damage to daloon, $250; D. W. Travis, damage to furniture, $100; J. H. Alderson, $10,000, insurance not ascertained; Heintz & McSorley, Empire Saloon, $3,500, insurance $1,600; J. Straus, jewelry store, $3,000, no insurance; Bonetti & Morgantine Stone Saloon, damage $10,000, insurance $9,500, goods in cellar sound; Sherman, Howell & Co., fruit store, loss $500, no insurance; W. P. Haskell, store-room and stock on Buely [sic] street, $25,000, insurance, $1,500; Dr. M. Rockman, office and fixtures, $700, no insurance; A. M. Rillhouse, five buildings and residences, $5,000, insurance $7,000; D. H. Hall, International Hotel building and furniture, $35,000, insurance $20,000; M. J. Franklin, dwelling on Buel street, $500, insurance $350; Mrs. P. F. Davidson, furniture, $1,000, no insurance; Louis Monaco, five buildings, $11,000, insurance $4,000; Jackson House, damage $1,000, insurance $1,000; Henry Man's Brewery, $15,000, no insurance; Dr. Bishop, drug store, stables, etc., loss $10,000, no insurance; Joe Mendes, saloon and fixtures, $15,000, insurance not ascertained; Clark, Scott & Richmond, Palace saloon, $3,000; J. S. Whitton, buildings, $20,000, insurance not ascertained; Geo. W. Cassidy, two buildings, $1,600, insurance, $400; Chris. Maintesta, saloon, $2,500, insurance not ascertained; H. S. Douglass, damage to building, $500, no insurance; Joseph Tognini, building and saloon, $6,000, insurance not ascertained.

A meeting of citizens organized a relief committee to-night, composed of the clergy and others, and adjourned until to-morrow. But few cases of absolute destitution are reported thus far. Several parties are clearing away the debris to rebuild. It is ascertained that fewer poor families were burned out than on the occasion of the other great fire. The Daily Leader is being issued regularly from the Sentinel office. There is in the hands of the old Relief Committee of a year ago about $3,000.

The Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, CA, 19 Aug 1880

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17. - A dispatch from Eureka, Nev., says: "The telegraph office, which was burned out, has opened at the railroad depot, almost a mile from town. The heat and dust and cinders in the burnt district are almost unbearable. The fire is a larger one than that of a year ago. The Daily Leader is a total loss. People in the burnt section are greatly discouraged. Many were still in debt from the last fire. It is a heavy blow to the town.

The Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH, 18 Aug 1880

Eureka, Nevada, was devastated by another terrible fire yesterday. The loss is estimated at $1,000,000. The same ground was burned over one year ago.

The Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH, 18 Aug 1880