Deeth, NV Train Wreck, Jan 1907


Number 5 Goes in Ditch and Cars Are Hurled Over High Embankment.


Injured Passengers Taken to Wells and Cared for – A Fortunate Wreck.

ELKO, January 23. - Southern Pacific train No. 5, westbound, was derailed at 10:30 last night one mile east of Deeth, Nev. Resulting in the death of one, and injury of twenty-five passengers. None of the crew was injured.

The dead:
S. HOSKINS, residence unknown, fractured skull.

Severely injured:
G.J. Roberts of Pennsylvania, severe cut on head.
Bodilla Kahn, Butte, Mont., head and face cut and bruised.
Tom Reynolds, Salt Lake, fractured leg.
C.E. Sherman of Montana, head cut.

A number of others sustained minor cuts and bruises, but all, with the exception of one, were able to resume the journey. The body of HOSKINS was taken to Elko, where an inquest will be held.

No. 5 left Wells at 10 o’clock, running about four hours late. Just before reaching Deeth, while running forty miles an hour, the baggage, smoker, chair car, diner, tourist and three Pullmans left the rails plunged over a fifteen foot embankment and rolled over. Only the engine and an empty express care were left intact. The chair car was forced from its tracks and clear of the right of way fully 100 feet from the track. The smoking car suffered most and it was here that HOSKINS was killed.

As soon as possible word was sent to Deeth, and within thirty minutes four physicians with assistants were sent from Elko. Everything was done to make the passengers as comfortable as possible, but owning to the intense cold, several suffered severely.

Little information of the wreck had been received at the offices at Sparks today. According to one message, the wreck was caused by a brakebeam breaking and falling beneath the car whele [sic]. Another version is that a broken rail caused the accident.

As soon as possible the passengers were transferred to another train and taken to Carlin, where they were fed and warmed. Six cars of the train of twelve are in fairly good condition and will make up part of the train on to San Francisco.

Traffic was tied up about twelve hours. A new train has been made up to carry the passengers on through to the coast, and should arrive in Reno about 7 o’clock this evening.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 23 Jan 1907