Milford, NH Storm and Flood, Oct 1869


We learn from Milford that the damage there is great. The double arch granite bridge over the Souhegan at the village was affected. Both foot bridges were carried away, and the County Bridge, as it is termed, near East Wilton line, made impassable. The dam and canal of the Pine Valley Carpet Co., are ruined, and also the stone bridge across the road near that point. Daniel Putnam's dam, near the stream mill gave way. Several small buildings were carried away from just below Gilson's dam, and some of the residents of houses there were rescued in boats. At the lower corporation a building was carried away, and the water ran three feet deep, through the lower story. The loss to this Company along is estimated at $15,000.

Messrs. Howison & Marvell lose very heavily in lumber, an immense quantity of which was floated off.

Four hundred coads[sic] of wood belonging to the Souhegan Manufacturing Co. was carried off. The loss to the Pine Valley Co. is $5,000.---Messrs. Gileon & Sons are also losers of lumber to a large amount.

The noon train up, on Monday, after reaching a point above Richardson's Crossing, found they could proceed no further, as the track had been washed away, and detached the cars and attempted to run back to Milford with the engine and tender. Before proceeding far, however, they suddenly came to a standstill by dropping through a culvert. Although a dozen or more men were on the engine, fortunately no one was injured.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 7 Oct 1869