Ashland, NH Cheney House Fire, Feb 1894

Col. Cheney's Home Destroyed.

ASHLAND, N. H., Feb. 26.---The home of Col. Thomas P. Cheney, United States Pension Agent for New-Hampshire and Vermont, was burned to the ground yesterday morning. Col. Cheney, his wife, and daughter Annie, together with Miss Grace Applebee, a guest barely escaped, clad only in the lightest clothing. Miss Applebee, who gave the alarm to the neighbors, ran several rods on the snow without clothing, and had both feet badly frozen. Mr. Cheney received a wound in the forehead, the result of an explosion. The house annex, shed, and barn, together with their contents, were entirely consumed. Col. Cheney's library and mineral and antique collection could not be saved. A brass pitcher, once the property of George Washington, was safely taken from the house. The loss is over $15,000; insurance, $3,500.

The New York Times, New York, NY 27 Feb 1894


Genealogy reference Cheney

Thomas P. Cheney married my great aunt. Mary Elizabeth Keyes. We need to do some communicating. Use Cheney as the subject when you send me an email. Ross

Post card ref Cheney

I believe this could be a post card addressed to my great aunt. I would like at least for now a photo copy.

old post card reg Cheney

We found an old post card dated 1915, IT reads : My dear Edith arrived at home at 4:45 o'clock . "oh my cold feet" Edith i am very lonesome without you and so on signed Grace ? We read an old article that had said that Cheney house Burnt down and the house guest grace had very badly frozen feet? which she makes reference to this in the post card ? Was wondering if this has anything to do with the people in the fire? It was addressed to E M Cheney ? but also makes reference to the person who signed the post card grace who was also mentioned as their house guest at the time. being bed fellows and missing that ? would be interested to know if this matches up? Thank you, Jay

Ashland Browns and Cheneys

We found this article with google search.

I am a descendant of Ora A. Brown and XXXXX Cheney, daughter of Thomas P. Cheney.

ANYONE with any info of either family, please email me:


Cheney Fire

This was so amazing to read. The Cheney's are my great-grandparents. Their house was located on Highland Street in Ashland. My father (Edward Alden Brown) has shared many memories of the Cheney's with our family.

I was searching online today to find out more about the house that burned yesterday (Feb. 28, 2009) on Pleasant Street. That was my grandmother's house (Brown). We moved from Ashland (when I was a little girl - 3 years old), but traveled there to visit every summer and stayed at the house on Pleasant Street. We always went to the Cheney house (the rebuilt one) too to visit "Aunt Annie and Uncle Tim".

This is tragic that two of my ancesters house's burned down in the same town of Ashland.