Concord, NH Union Block Fire, Jan 1873


In Concord, N. H.,

CONCORD, N. H., Jan. 10.---The Union Block, a large wooden building, on Main-street, owned by Lund & Fellows, was entirely destroyed by fire this morning. The losses and insurance of the occupants are as follows: Danforth & Ingalls, loss, $8,000; insurance, $5,000. William Marshall, clothing-dealer, loss, $8,000; insurance, $6,000. Volger & Clough, furniture-dealers, loss, $14,000; insurance, $8,800. William Volger, confectioner, loss, $2,000; insurance, $1,000; Benjamin Carr, photographic materials, loss, $4,000; insurance, $3,000. E. P. Gould, photographer, loss, $2,500; insurance, $2,000; insurance, $800. A. W. Gale, confectioner, stock removed; loss small; insured. The loss on the building is about $10,000; insurance, $11,000. Eight persons were sleeping in the building, and they barely escaped with their lives. Another fire, last night, destroyed the dwelling and contents of William Prouse; loss, $1,500; insurance, $1,100.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Jan 1873