Hampton, NH Lightning Strike, Aug 1860

August 8, 1860, the old Marston house, the paternal homestead of Mrs. Uri Lamprey, who inherited it, was struck by lightning and injured beyond repair, "The lightning struck on the west end, near the roof, and ran down to the ground, ripping off the clapboards, passing out and in , and completely riddling the end of the building. A child, abed in one of the chambers whose wall were shattered, miraculously escaped uninjured." Mrs. John Brown, as Irish tenant, was killed, at prayer. Having just remarked that , if she must die by lightning she would die praying, she dropped upon her knees. While in that attitude, the bolt fell. The house was built in 1690.

History of the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire: From Its Settlement in 1638 to Autumn of 1892, pages 331-332