Winchester, NH Flood, Feb 1855

The Transcript of Saturday has the following:

"The flood at Winchester has receded so that the place is comparatively dry again this morning. Fire engines were employed last evening in pumping out the cellars, many of which were completely filled. The water still pours with great fury through the culvert at 'Bacon's,' where the Lowell Railroad bridge fell in yesterday, but a large gang of hands working through the night succeeded in making one track passage for trains this morning and the other will be prepared to-day.

While assisting in the passage of a train over this bridge yesterday, Mr. Charles Converse, of the Woburn Express, lost a pocket book containing $175 and valuable papers. It was seen afloat, but could not be rescued, and will probably with considerable other property, find its way through the Mystic into the sea. Horn Pond, in Woburn, rose four feet higher than ever before known by the 'oldest inhabitant.' Several small buildings have been carried off by the freshet."

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Feb 1855


Winchester NH Flood

Actually, judging by the description of the flooding this occured in Winchester Mass.