Concord, NH Phoenix Hotel Fire, May 1873

Fire in Concord, N. H.---Loss $25,000.

CONCORD, N. H., May 15.---A fire broke out this afternoon in the large wooden stables of J. H. Rowell, in the rear of the Phoenix Hotel. The stable, with the carriage-house and shed were destroyed, but the horses and carriages were saved. The flour and grain store of Hutchins & Co., and also a store-house owned by them were consumed. Most of the stock, however, was safely removed. Rowell's loss is about $6,000; insurance, $3,000; Hutchins & Co.'s loss is about $20,000, fully insured. A house at the South End, nearly half a mile from the fire, caught from a spark and the roof was burned off. Walker's iron-store suffered some damage from water.

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 May 1873