Concord, NH American House Fire, Jul 1867

Burning of the American House at Concord, N. H.----The Democratic Headquarters.

A correspondent of the Boston Transcript write as follows of the American House at Concord, N. H., which with other buildings was destroyed by fire on Saturday morning, 13th inst.

The hotel was a large three-story building, with piazzas on two sides, situated on the corner of Main and Park streets, the northeast corner of the Capitol Square. It was erected in the Spring of 1834 by Mr. John Park Goss, and was then famous because of the brief time in which it was built---six weeks and two days. The insurance on the house and furniture is stated at $10,000, in the Hartford and Ætna companies, of Hartford, Conn.

The American has, from first to last, been the headquarters of New Hampshire Democracy. Their last council fires expired there with the recent adjournment of the Legislature. This is the third large hotel which has been burned in Concord since 1851, the Eagle having been destroyed in that year and the Phoenix in 1857.

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 Jul 1867