Laconia, NH Lakeport Fire, May 1903


Extensive Fire Raging at Lakeport, New Hampshire.

Laconia, N. H., May 27.---An extensive fire is raging at Lakeport. Twenty-five dwelling houses and a factory had been destroyed or were on fire at last accounts.

Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 27 May 1903



Laconia, N. H., May 27.----According to latest reports nearly 100 buildings were burned, 650 persons are homless{sic} and a loss of between $350,000 and $400,000 has been caused by the fire in the Lakeport section, the area burned over being about 150 acres. The fire started in the H. H. Wood hosiery mill. The flames spread quickly, and in a very short time, under the influence of a brisk southeast wind, the entire structure was burning. The city fire department was helpless to stay the progress of the flames and the destruction went on until the fire actually burned itself out for want of material.

The Evening News, San Jose, CA 27 May 1903