North Hampton, NH Train Accident, Apr 1898


William Price Was Returning to Soldier's Home at Togus.

Found Alongside the Track at North Hampton, too Badly Hurt to be Moved.

When the nine o'clock Pullman arrived at this depot last evening, Conductor Silsbee reported that a man had fallen from the train somewhere between North Hampton and Greenland.

All that he knew about the matter was that an old soldier, who was somewhat intoxicated, had gone out on the platform of the smoker just after the train had left North Hampton. As he was pretty full a brakeman went out soon after to keep an eye on him and see that he did not fall off. Not finding him on the platform he went through the train and then reported to the conductor that the man had either fallen or jumped off the cars.

Word was at once telephoned back to a freight crew at Hampton for them to keep a sharp lookout along the track on their way in for a body. The freight crew arrived here but said they did not see any signs of an accident, although a sharp watch was kept up all the way in.

Early this morning word was sent in to this city that a man had been found lying beside the railroad track near the overhead bridge at North Hampton and had been taken to the house of a man named Drake. The man was badly injured and they expected him to die any minute.

The section crew from here received orders to bring him to this city if it was possible. They sent word back that it would be dangerous to move him and so he was left at the farm house where everything possible was being done for him. It was learned that his name was William Price, 62 years of age and that he belonged in Newburyport. Price is an old soldier and at the time of the accident was on his way to the soldier's home at Togus, Me.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 4 Apr 1898