North Hinsdale, NH Fire, Sept 1895


Barn and House Burned--Fire Started From a Lantern

The house and barn of Quinton D. Streeter of North Hinsdale, N. H., were totally destroyed by fire between 9 and 10 o'clock Thursday night. The fire caught from a kerosene lantern which Mr. Streeter, who was husking in the barn, left on a box while he was absent a few minutes. When he returned the barn was in a blaze, which quickly spread to the house. There was no water available and no near neighbors, but the flames were seen by some village people who were going home from a party on the Chesterfield road. The alarm was given and help was soon at hand, working valiantly, but the fire was under such headway that very little was saved. In addition to the buildings Mr. Streeter loses all his hay, grain and farming tools, his horse, five hogs, hens, etc. Some of the furniture in lower part of he house was saved and $50 worth of lumber, but the most valuable furniture and property upstairs, including clothes, were all burned.

There was an insurance on the property of $1300 and it is estimated by Mr. Streeter that his loss will be at least $2000 additional. The buildings were in good condition and the loss of personal property was large. Mr. Streeter is a prominent citizen of the town and served as one of the selectmen last year. Both he and his wife have always been industrious, thrifty people and are now at an age when such a loss falls heavily upon them.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 21 Sept 1895