Hendersons Point, NH Run Over by Boulder, Jun 1903


James Donnelly Stuck By A Landslide At Henderson's Point.

Edward H. Spinney was slightly hurt and James Donnelly very severely injured as the result of an accident at Henderson's Point late Wednesday afternoon. Both are employes[sic] of the Massachusetts Contracting company.

The men were at work in the excavation when a big boulder started to roll down the bank, bringing a mass of dirt and smaller rocks along with it.

Spinney and Donnelly were directly in the path of the slide and were unable to get out of the way. They were working a little way up the bank and were both swept to the bottom.

When the other workmen came to their assistance, it was found that Spinney had escaped with a few bruises and a sprained ankle, but Donnelly had been less fortunate and was evidently badly hurt.

Surgeon Stepp of the naval hospital was summoned and cared for the man until the arrival of Dr. Dixon, when Donnelly was taken to the hospital. He was later removed to his boarding place, at Mrs. McMulkin's on Hanover street, this city.

The man is injured internally and his condition is serious.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 11 Jun 1903