Lancaster, NH FIre, Jan 1889


Early Morning Fire Destroys Three Blocks and Damages Others.

Lancaster, N. H., Jan. 25.--A serious fire broke out in the business centre of Lancaster at 1:20 o'clock this morning, and caused a loss of $50,000. Three blocks were completely destroyed, several other buildings were damaged and a large number of business firms were burned out.

The fire started in the Richardson block during the storm which was accompanied by a high wind, and rapidly spread to nearby property. Dozens of men endeavored to confine the blaze to one or two buildings, but the task was too difficult for them, and it was more than three house[sic] before the flames were under control.

George M. Congdon, Fred Spaulding and Edgar Ingersoll, members of the local fire brigade were badly injured during the fire by falling fragments of walls. The fire spread from the Richardson block to the adjoining Eagle block, and from there to a large building owned by Charles Morse. The Richardson building was entirely burned, together with its contents. The Eagle block was gutted and the roof burned off, leaving nothing but the walls standing. The family of Charles Morse, who occupied apartments in this building, barely escaped with their lives. The building was on fire in several parts when they were aroused from sleep, and when Mr. Morse's children were removed, the bed clothing had become ignited. This building was a total loss.

The store building owned by Morse & Spaulding was badly damaged, and the glass and front portions of several other structures were either destroyed or badly damaged.

The postoffice was flooded with water, but the fire did not reach any of the contents. The office has been removed to the Lancaster House temporarily. The Coos County Democrat, owned by J. D. Bridge, was damaged to the extent of $4000. The Richardson block was owned by the Lancaster National bank, and the loss on the building is estimated at $10,000, the insurance, $7500. The loss on the Eagle block amounts to about $10,000, and is covered by insurance. This structure was owned by Mary M. Clough. The cause of the fire is unknown.

The Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 26 Jan 1899