Portsmouth, NH Fell Two Stories, May 1900


Mary Conners Was Terribly Injured at Her Work

Was Washing a Window and Fell Backward, to the Ground.

The Girl is Employed at G. H. Joy's on Lafayette Avenue.

Mary Conners, a young servant girl employed at George H. Joy's, Lafayette avenue, was terribly injured while at work early this morning. Miss Conners was washing a window in the second story of the house and was sitting on the sill, facing the outer surface.

In pushing up the upper sash, she lost her balance and fell backwards to the ground, a distance of about fifteen feet or more. She turned completely over before she struck the ground and doubled both arms under when she landed on the earth.

She was picked up by members of the family and taken into the house and was unconscious and thought to be dead.

Dr. A. J. Lance was summoned to attend her and the physician found that she had sustained a fractured wrist and was badly shaken up and perhaps internally injured. She was made as comfortable as possible and will probably recover.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 31 May 1900