Canaan, NH Barn Fires 1851

In 1851, the town offered $100 reward to discover the person who burned Sam Avery’s barns, and William W. George was appointed town agent to discover the person, but without avail. Samuel Avery had three barns burned by an incendiary some time previous to this date. Avery worked away from home most of the time. No one was seen to go there, as the farm was off the traveled road. One barn burned and he hired a man by the name of Dudley to hew out timbers and build a new one. This burned and Avery hired Dudley to build another. This burned; and Avery, becoming tired of rebuilding, traded with Levi Hamlet, in 1852, for the house now occupied by Mrs. Mary A. Robie, which Hamlet had built. Avery thought his wife set fire to the barns, as she did not want to live there. His son, Thomas D. Avery, ran away to sea, was gone several years, came back and bought the John Smith place, northeast of Hart’s Pond, sold out and went to Loudon.

The history of Canaan, New Hampshire, Concord, N.H. Rumford Press, 1910, page 94