Portsmouth, NH Auto Wreck, Jun 1912


He Was Crossing Congress Street When Struck By Robinson's Car

Harry Caswell, son of John W. Caswell, was struck by an automobile on Congress street early this morning and though quite badly bruised and cut, his injuries are no of a serious nature.

The auto was that of William P. Robinson, and was coming up the street toward the square. Caswell had left his milk wagon near the Weaver restaurant and was crossing the street. He was part way across the street when he suddenly turned back just in time to be struck by the fender.

Mr. Caswell received a bad cut on the head and another on the arm and was bruised about the back. When Mr. Robinson stopped the machine Caswell was under the running gear bleeding quite freely from the head. Mr. Robinson with the assistance of a waiter from the Weaver restaurant pulled the man from under the auto and hurried him to the Portsmouth hospital. When he arrived here he refused to go in and was taken to the home of Mr. Robinson, where medical aid was rendered and later he was sent to his home.

Those who witnessed the accident claim that the machine was moving slowly and that the accident could not be prevented.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 18 Jun 1912