Portsmouth, NH Accidents, Jun 1898


Some on Bicycles, Others on Foot, all Meet With Disaster

The oldest daughter of Mr. Flagg F. Grant fell from a hammock a few days ago and fractured her collar bone. She was able to be out on Wednesday, the 15th inst., the first time since the accident.

William Badger of Raynes avenue, carpenter at the Eldredge Brewing company, accidentally fell on Tuesday afternoon, the 14th inst., partially severing the right ear. He was taken to the office of Dr. Junkins, where that physician took several stitches in the detached member.

Mrs. Lunt, mother of Mrs. Frank Gardner, fell at her home at the Plains on Wednesday afternoon, the 15th inst., and fractured her left hip. Dr. Junkins was called and made the lady as comfortable as possible.

On Wednesday noon, the 15th, inst., while a crew of Italians were engaged in hoisting rocks at the new fortifications at Newcastle, a timber which was used in the derrick flew up and struck Italian No. 191 in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. He was brought to the Cottage hospital and Dr. Towle summoned. He had not recovered consciousness up to the time of going to press, although the physician thought he was a little better. In all probability the man's skull is fractured and he may die.

Mrs. George B. Chadwick while riding on her wheel in Kittery Wednesday afternoon was run into by a young man, near the over head bridge, and was quite seriously injured.

Mrs. Chadwick was riding along in company with two other ladies, when the fellow came scorching down the hill at a terrific clip with his head down. He did not see the ladies and in a second he had crashed into Mrs. Chadwick, throwing her violently to the ground and rendering her unconscious.

She was picked up and taken to a near by house where she soon came too and later was brought to her home in this city and a physician called to attend her.

It was found that her nose was fractured, two front teeth broken off, besides having her face badly cut and bruised.

The young man escaped with a slight injury and seeing the damage he had done, did every thing in his power to make amends. He procured the convenience to bring the lady to her home in this city and was very much concerned over her welfare. He was riding on the wrong side of the road at the time and going all together too fast or the accident never would have happened.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 16 Jun 1898