Nutfield, NH Earthquake, Nov 1755

THE EARTHQUAKE SHOCK on Nov. 18, 1755, was so severe in Nutfield that Moses Barnett, the town clerk, felt that some mention of it should be made in the records. This is the entry he made, and it is the only authentic account which has been handed down of that memorable event: "on Tusday(sic) nobr(sic) ye(sic) 1755 at foure(sic) aclock(sic) in the morning and ten minets(sic) there was an Extrornary(sic) Shock of An Earthquaik(sic) and continuous afterwards with smaller shocks."

Willey's semi-centennial book of Manchester, 1846-1896 : and Manchester edition of the Book of Nutfield : historic sketches of that part of New Hampshire comprised within the limits of the old Tyng Township, Nutfield, Harrytown, Derryfield, and Manchester, from the earliest settlements to the present time; Manchester, N.H.: G.F. Willey, 1896, page 274