Nashua, NH Railway Car And Truck Collide, Dec 1960



Nashua, N.H. (UPI) -- A truck carrying propane gas blew up today when hit by a self-propelled railway car with 35 persons aboard.
Six persons including a family of four were killed. At least 32 persons were injured, 9 critically.
Dead are:
His wife, PATRICIA, 27.
Their children, CHRISTOPHER, 18 months, and JENNIFER, 2 weeks old.
JOHN S. WILDER of Manchester.
VAUGHN TALBOT of Wilmington, Mass., train conductor.
The collision occurred at an unprotected grade cossing 300 yards from the Koppera Co. wood preserving division plant on Hills Ferry Road.
The Boston & Maine Railroad Buddliner was en route from Concord, N.H., to Boston.
At least 10 bottles of propane gas exploded like a bomb, shaking houses and shattering windows in the neighborhood.
The flattened truck was carried nearly half a mile along the track beneath the railway car. MRS. WRENN and the two children -- one of them born just before Thanksgiving Day -- were hurled into a gully.
Fourteen persons were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and 12 to Memorial Hospital. Among the seriously injured were two conductors, FLOYD SANBORN of Laconia and V. A. TALBOT of Boston.
Walter Kobzik, chief clerk at the Koppers plant where bottled gas had just been delivered, said he ran to the crossing when he heard the explosion.
"There was nothing left of the truck. Just some bits and pieces. Gas tanks that didn't explode were strewn along the tracks."
"I found what looked like a man about 75 feet from the crossing at the edge of the woods. He was pretty bad."
"Others told me the two little children were in a gully near the tracks and it was a pretty horrible sight. I got some kids of my own so I didn't want to look."
"The Buddliner was about 500 yards down the track. It burned after the explosion."
The accident happened about 8:45 a.m. (EST) shortly after WRENN had made a delivery. He owned his own bottled gas delivery service.
It was not known immediately why WRENN'S family accompanied him on the trip.
One person said he heard the train whistle moments before the explosion. Police and firemen and almost all 70 employes of the Koppers plant raced to the scene to aid the injured. All available doctors and nurses were summoned.

Times Record Troy New York 1960-12-07


Vaughn Arthur Talbert

I notice that the Train Conductor name was spelled as Vaughn A. Talbot. The last name is spelled wrong by the newpaper. It is spelled as Talbert. This person here that died from the car and truck collsion was my great uncle. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 12, 1912. His name was Vaughn Arthur Talbert. A lot of bad things happen in this family. When he 5 or 6 years old, his Father (Victor Andrew Talbert) died from the Spainish Flu in the year 1918.

I know little of Vaughn and wish to learn more. I know he was married to someone with the name Isabelle. After this accident that took place, there was a lot of court rulings after. I also know that he had children, I wish to know more about.