North Boscawen, NH Train Wreck, Oct 1870

NARROW ESCAPE FROM DISASTER---Yesterday afternoon, the 5th, as the down mail train on the Northern Road was running at full speed in North Boscawen, it came upon a heavy repair car lying across the track and passed along, utterly smashing the obstacle into bits and hardly scratching the engine drawing the train, the Clark. On looking about, the foot-prints of a man, sunk deep in the earth, were found, as it made in lifting the car on. On inquiring at the next stopping place it was ascertained that a man and two boys, strangers, had been seen upon the track not long before, heading for Franklin. Road Master J. F. Richardson at once went to Franklin and found men answering to the description of those suspected. While he went for Sheriff J. P. Sanborn the man and boys went towards Bristol, on the railroad. Sheriff Sanborn headed off the trio and caught them near Hill. In conversation the man gave his name as Tyrus Taylor, of Potsdam, N. Y., and those of the boys as George and Julius, his sons. They had been traveling in search of work. Julius, who is about twenty years old, owned to putting the car upon the track, probably with a view of getting a ride. The car was one usually lifted on and off the track by four men, and when had got it partially on the boy was doubtless unable to get it so as to ride on it or get it off. Had the train been running slowly, a most disastrous wreck and loss of life would doubtless have occured.(sic) Sheriff Sanborn brought the man and boys to this city today, the 6th, and carried them before the Grand Jury. Julius had a pair of anklets on that clanked dolefully. The story of the road hands at North Boscawen goes to substantiate the facts stated by Julius Taylor, that he alone had to do with the affair, and the his father and brother were a long way ahead of him. The case seems not to be one of pure malice and intent to wreck the train, but rather gross carelessness and disregard of consequences that ought to be severely punished.

The New Hampshire Patriot, Concord, NH 12 Oct 1870