Portsmouth, NH Caught Hand in Rollers, Mar 1898


High School Pupil May be Prevented From Graduating

Harry Mason, a member of the class of '98, Portsmouth High school, met with a painful and unfortunate accident this morning which is greatly deplored by his many friends as it may be the means of preventing him from graduating with the rest of his class in June.

Harry lives in Rye, but on account of his attending the High school here, he has been boarding with Burpee Woods on Rogers street. This week there being no school he has been helping Mr. Woods move a building. He was working this morning tending the rollers on which the structure was moving when his glove got caught under one of them. Before he could make an outcry the roll had gone onto his hand with the whole weight on the building on it. His cries soon warned the rest of the workmen that something was wrong but it was some time before he was released from his painful position. He was taken to Dr. Towle's office and that physician ordered his removal to the Cortage hospital. His hand was found to be badly injured, the thumb being crushed terribly. It is not known yet whether the thumb will have to be amputated or not but an effort will be made to save it although it will always be useless and stiff in the joint.

The Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 31 Mar 1898