State Line, NH Train Wreck, Jun 1890

Derailed at State Line.

On Thursday morning about half past six, freight train No.19 was derailed just below State Line station, while going South over the Cheshire road. The rear truck of the tenth car from the rear of the train was the one which left the rails, and in a short time tore up the track so that the cars which followed it, did likewise. The engine and cars ahead of the one which caused the mischief did not leave the track. Five of the rear cars merely left the track, and stopped in position so that they were easily pulled on again. Of the others, the first one plowed along in the ditch until it was stopped by the rocks and dirt, and the others followed suit as far as they could, leaving the track torn up and blocked completely. A wrecking train was sent down from Keene and began the work of clearing up as soon as possible, but it was about five o'clock in the afternoon before a temporary track could be laid for the passage of trains. In the meantime passengers and baggage had to be carried around the wreck. The ten o'clock train South went down and returned with the Boston mail and passengers and on the afternoon train the mails were transferred. A mail car was sent North on train No. 6, which left Keene about 7 p. m. Passenger train No. 4, going North, was omitted.

New Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 25 Jun 1890