Epping, NH Circus Train Wreck, May 1890

At 3 o'clock Thursday morning Robbins circus train, en route to Epping, was wrecked near the junction of the Nashua & Rochester and Boston & Lowell Railroads in Nashua. One of the cars containing the carriages jumped the track and the remainder of the train was piled up in a total wreck. The circus employes(sic) were thrown from the cars but escaped serious injury. The loss to Robbins is heavy.

New Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 28 May 1890



Robbin's Circus Wrecked in a Smash Up.

NASHUA, N. H., May 22.----At 3 a. m. today, the Robbins circus train, enroute(sic) to Epping where it was to have showed today was wrecked near the junction of the Nashua, Rochester and Lowell roads. One car full of carriages is a total wreck. Loss to the Robbins company will be heavy.

The Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 22 May 1890