Hinsdale, NH Drowning, Jun 1908


The Victim Probably John McSherry, Employee on Dam.

Brattleboro, June 24.—The man drowned in the Connecticut river near the dam between Vernon and Hinsdale, N.H., yesterday probably was an employee at the dam. John McSherry, one of the employees, is missing and it is supposed that he was the victim. Some workmen saw a man undress on the New Hampshire shore north of the scene of operations and start to swim the river, but they were not near enough to see who he was. It is believed at the dam that McSherry went to Hinsdale, as many of the laborers do on occasion, and that when he returned he did not want the foreman to see where he came from and so undertook to swim the river to the laborers’ quarters on the Vermont side.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 25 Jun 1908