Nashua, NH Plane Crash, Jun 1928

NASHUA, N. H., June 17.—Former
State Senator Marcel Therriault, a
Nashua lawyer, and Miss Kathryn
Thomas, 20 years old, were burned
to death when a plane in which they
were passengers caught fire in the
air here today.
The pilot, George Lennox of Wichita,
Kan., was severly burned in attempting
to land the plane. He was
rushed to Memorial Hospital, where
little hope is held for his recovery.
The plane, an American Eagle, had
just left the field for the first flight
of the day with passengers and was
about 200 feet in the air when the
pilot saw flames shooting under the
passengers' seat and heard Miss
Thomas scream. He stuck to the
controls with flames licking around
his hands and face and swung the
plane around toward the field. The
machine went into a nose dive a
short distance from the ground and
the_ two passengers were pinned to
their seats. Lennox leaped from the
machine with his clothes afire.
The plane was enveloped in flames, and. John. Lennox,, brother.-of.
pilot, and Herbert Ralston, owner of
the plane,' who were at the field,
were unable to reach Mr. Therriault
and Miss Thomas in time to save
The Lennox brothers came here
from the Manchester Airport about
ten days ago and had taken' many
passengers for short flights over the
city. Both have had many years'
experience as pilots.
Mr. Therriault recently became interested
in aviation and in the past
few months had made many flights.
He was born in St. Jacques, N. B., in
1885, coming to this city as a youth.
He was elected State Senator in 1917,
and in 1919 was Vice Chairman of
the Republican State Committee. He
is survived by two sons.
Miss Thomas was the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thomas of
this city. A few months ago her engagement
was announced to Dr. Linwood
- Farrington of Lowell, Mass.,
and the wedding was to be held in
New York Times, June 17, 1928