Derry, NH New England Tornado, June 1963



The "twister" which visited Derry and Manchester yesterday completely missed Nashua.
Therer was heavy rain in some areas of the city and high winds but no damage was reported, a check showed this morning.
A small tornado ripped through a one square mile area of Derry yesterday causing extensive damage and power failure. The storm, which began between 5:30 and 6 p.m. lasted for twenty to thirty minutes. Most of the damage occurred between the village and Franklin St. along East Broadway, Crescent St., Mt. Pleasant, Abbott St. and Crystal Ave.
Extensive damage was reported to the roof of the General Elementary School where shingles were lifted and torn. A large hen house belonging to Adrien Cote, Coteville, was tipped by the wind and collapsed. The building housed 3,800 laying hens, approximately 1,600 of which were killed according to Cote.
Power was off in most sections of town from two to three hours. Crescent St. was without electricity at 11 p.m. due to falling trees.
Chimneys were down on several streets. The Robert Fortier house, Crystal Ave. received damage to the roof when the chimney collapsed. The family was home at the time but, according to officials no one was injured. Damage to the Fortier home was estimated at more than $2,000.
Many large trees throughout the section were uprooted or broken off half way up the tree. One metal flag pole was reported bent in half and a wash left on the line was torn to rags. Several light poles were snapped off in the middle. Most yards in the area were covered with tree limbs. Several signs in the business area were damaged or destroyed and several store awnings were reported ruined. Billboards along Rts. 28 crumbled.
Witnesses of the storm on the 10th anniversary of the Worcester, Mass., tornado, said they had never seen anything like it. Hailstones were reported larger than marbles and rain so heavy that visibility was zero.
According to Frederick Jenks, Wire Chief of Manchester, Derry "is in pretty good shape this morning. Everything is almost back to normal."

Manchester, N.H. (AP) -- A "baby twister" whipped through southern New Hampshire yesterday, knocking power out in three communities and causing wide-spread damage.
The storm, described by witnesses as a small tornado, hit Manchester, Derry and Goffstown as thunderstorms swept across New England.
The roof of a furniture store was pried off in Manchester and accompanying heavy rain flooded the store with three inches of water. Damage was set at $75,000.
A rash of minor fires were caused in Derry, where wires, trees and chimneys were felled.
The winds flipped over an empty five room house trailer in Goffstown.

Nashua Telegraph New Hampshire 1963-06-10