Dover Point, NH Boat Accident, Jun 1912


Prompt Work of Foreman Wherren ane{sic} Bridge Crew Save Life at Dover Point

That six people in the pleasure boat Katydid of Durham are alive today, is due to the timely work of Frank Wherren, George Leach, David Fernald and Edward Coleman, carpenters employed on the Dover Point the Boston & Maine railroad.

The boat containing three men, two women and a young girl was sighted about 300 yards from the bridge by the carpenters. The engine had refused to work and the party much excited were drifting with the swift tide toward the bridge. Foreman Wherren of the crew took in the situation at a glance and knew that unless he acted quickly it meant watery grave for the occupants of the craft. With the woman screaming with fright the boat was soon against the piling. The workmen were there ahead of them and with a rope which one of the party managed to get hold of, they kept the craft from swaying until another boat could reach them, punched a hole in her side and dis- {lines missing}.............

Just as they were taken out the boat appeared below the surface coming up again nearly one foot from the bridge. The boat is said to belong to Fred F. Palmer of Durham.

Had not these men been on the bridge at the time there would have been no possible chance of one of the party escaping death in the swift running waters.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 14 Jun 1912