Alton, NH Fire, Mar 1930


Departments Of Four Cities And Towns Called To Fight Blaze

Alton, March 3.--The Bayview Pavilion, a dance hall overlooking Alton Bay, a mile from here, was destroyed by flames last evening in a fire of unknown origin. The postoffice, a hotel and residence of Martin and Stephen Lynch, owners of the dancing resort, were threatened but escaped the flames as the combined efforts of Laconia, Alton, Rochester and Farmington firemen directed efforts to saving these buildings, located in the vicinity of the doomed pavilion.

The structure, 100 by 75 feet, was erected seven years ago and was considered one of the most up-to-date in the Lake Winnipesaukee region. A moving picture playhouse, a dance hall, a soda grill and scores of booths, formed part of the building. There were three moving picture machines in the pavilion at the time.

The first alarm was rung in at 9:30 o'clock and when Alton firemen reached the scene, another alarm was sent in and telephone calls were sent to Rochester, Laconia and Farmington for help.

The building was beyond salvation when the firemen arrived. A strong breeze fanned the flames and ignited the home of the Lynch brothers, located in the immediate vicinity of the pavilion.

Firemen succeeded in saving this house from utter destruction, but estimated damage to it was close to $1000 while a loss of $25,000 was suffered by the pavilion's destruction.

The building was a roaring furnace by the time the out-of-town help arrived and it was impossible to save the structure.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 3 Mar 1930