Bristol, NH Earthquake, Mar 1930


(By Associated Press)

Bristol, March 20--All indications and reports point to the fact that Bristol was the center of the earthquake disturbance which occurred Tuesday evening about 7:15 o'clock. The shock was not felt in Concord, and only slightly in Laconia and Franklin.

In Bristol, it was the most severe shock for several years, and some assert it to be the heaviest they had ever experienced. It started with a heavy thud, followed by rumblings and tremors which moved in a northerly direction and continued while folks gathered to talk about it. At the time of the recent quake which was considered quite heavy through New Hampshire, very few places noticed it, but it this case, it was generally recognized throughout the town and in the adjacent community of Hebron.

In this instance, dishes rattled, articles in rooms trembled, and building swayed, but no damage is reported.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 20 Mar 1930