Hinsdale, NH Near Asphyxiation, Jan 1900



W. J. Higginson, wife and three daughters, who live on Kilburn street, came near losing their lives by asphyxiation from coal gas one night last week. The family bedroom is connected with the kitchen by a register. The coal stove in the kitchen was shaken down and refilled as usual at night, but after about 3 o’clock in the morning the husband was awakened by the groans of his wife, who could only utter the single word, “gas.” He managed to get to the window and open it and then fell upon the floor insensible. The fresh air revived the family after a time and they “got themselves together” and went to the kitchen, where they found the family mastiff in even a worse condition from asphyxiation and unable to stir. Mr. Higginson is wholly unable to account for the accident as he observed the same care of the stove dampers at night as usual.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 26 Jan 1900