Warner, NH Accidents 1784-1879

Ebenezer Sargent, father of Dea. James, was killed at the present Willaby Colby place, by falling down a flight of stairs.

A child of Isaac French was smothered in bed. Mr. and Mrs. French lived near the Gould road and Bartlett’s brook. They were not overstocked with intelligence. A young child of theirs, which was well at bedtime, was dead in the morning. On hearing of this sudden death, the neighbors came in and inquired how long the child had been sick, and the father said,—” It went to bed as well as ever ‘t was in the world, but when it waked up ‘t was dead’s a hammer!” “Yes,” said his amiable spouse, “and you was the instirni,qator of it, for you rolled over and squshed it to death!”

Paine Davis, son of Francis, was killed by a falling tree about 1790.

David Stevens, whose home was either on Waldron’s hill, or in the Badger neighborhood, was killed in rolling a large boulder down a precipice, between the old Gilmore and Putney farms.

Asa Harriman was killed by a falling tree March 9, 1794.

Jonathan Watson, of Joppa, son of Dea. Parmenas, and father of Capt Cyrus, was thrown from the tongue under the wheel of a loaded cart and killed, Sept. 4, 1820.

Asa Sargent, son of Benjamin Sargent, senior, of Tory Hill, was killed by a fall in the barn.

Dummer Pattee was thrown from a wagon loaded with furniture, and instantly killed, on the plain near Mrs. Pearson’s, about the year 1833.

Mrs. Stewart, wife of Capt. John Stewart, was thrown from a wagon and killed, Sept. 24, 1834.

Imri Whitcomb, son of John, was killed in sledding wood, in the neighborhood of 1845.

John Fisk fell from a saw-mill on Stevens brook, and was killed. He left a family of sons and daughters, one of the latter being the wife of Gov. Pillsbury, of Minnesota.

Elliot C. Badger fell down a flight of stairs, and was instantly killed.

Mrs. Frederick Eaton lost her life by being thrown from a wagon near Ela’s bridge, about 1860. Dea. Frederick Eaton was a brother to Dr. Jacob, now of Harvard, Mass., to Rev. Dr. Eaton, of Palmyra, N. Y., and to John Eaton, late of Sutton, who was the father of Gen. John, Lucius, Frederick, Charles, and perhaps others.

A child of Mr. Hurd, on the Plain, lost its life by falling into a pail of scalding water.

A child of William H. Bean, Jr., of Waterloo, lost its life in the same manner.

Martin Bean bled to death in the woods, from a cut in the foot.

Nathaniel A. Davis, son of Gen. Aquila, fell from a stack of boards at his mill, about twelve years ago, and died from the effects of the fall.

Webster B. Davis received a fatal hurt from a fall at Ela’s saw-mill.

Henry Trumbull, of Schoodac, was accidentally killed in loading a gun in 1811.

The history of Warner, New Hampshire : for one hundred and forty-four years, from 1735 to 1879, pages 535-538