Nashua, NH Flood, Apr 1895


Higher Than it has been for Years--Still Rising.

Nashua, N. H., April 15--The great rainfall has raised the Merrimac and Nashua rivers, together with Salmon Brook, into rushing torrents. Saturday night and Sunday the rainfall was the heaviest for a number of years, averaging 2 3-100 inches. The Merrimac commenced to rise at an early hour and this morning the water was 12 feet above low water mark and was rising at the rate of six inches per hour. The Jackson company’s mills are shut down on account of back water. The Merrimac has overflowed its banks at the junction of the Nashua. It now threatens to equal the high record of 1878, when backwater in the Merrimac rose above the Jackson company’s dam and flooded the lower rooms of the mills.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN, 13 April 1895