Portsmouth, NH Flood, Apr 1895


Threaten to be Extremely Damaging in Eastern States.


Northern Parts of the State Flooded With Water.

Plymouth, N. H., April 15.-- Northern New Hampshire is flooded with water. Rain began falling Saturday morning, and has poured in torrents ever since. Not since 1878 have the Penigewasset [sic] and Baker rivers risen to such a height. The Pemigo has risen seventeen feet and is still rising at the rate of twelve inches an hour. The river is full of floating debris and timber, and the meadows are covered with logs and flood wood. The highways leading out of Plymouth along the river are impassible. The wires are not working north of here, but the Connecticut and Ammoonoose [sic] rivers must have risen several feet. The prospects now are that northern New Hampshire will experience the largest flood on record. The Pemige Wasset Valley railroad is under water in several places and the roadbed is in danger of being washed out. The roadbed is gone in many places for more than a quarter of a mile. There is danger of a large amount of damage being done on the line of the Concord & Montreal road. Last night’s trains were canceled.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 13 Apr 1895


Flood Damage in New Hampshire

Portsmouth, N. H., April 16.-- The Piscataquah [sic] river has overflowed its banks in several places. At Union and Madison the tracks of the Boston and Maine railroad are covered with six feet of water, and passengers are being transferred by teams to special trains each side of the washouts. The Ammonuese river has reached a point not reached in the last thirty years. Between Littleton and Lisbon a bridge has been carried away, and the town of Lisbon is flooded in many places. The town of Bath is largely under water. An iron bridge at Lancaster has been swept away. A heavy landslide at Zoland carried away the Eastman sugar camp, causing considerable damage.

Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY 16 Apr 1895