Concord, NH Drowning, Nov 1875

Sad Drowning Case.

On Sunday forenoon, a little before 12 o'clock, Richard Lee, aged about twelve years, and Daniel Leahy, thirteen years old, son of James Leahy, who lives on the corner of Cross and Jefferson streets, went out upon the Frog Pond, a little sheet of water on the intervale[sic], near the Concord Railroad, to slide. When out near the middle of the pond, the ice broke under young Lee, letting him through into the water. He called for help and the Leahy boy went out to assist him and broke through the ice himself. He was unable to get out himself of to help the Lee boy and their cries brought Mr. H. T. Spellman to the rescue. By breaking the ice, wading and swimming, he succeeded in getting out the Lee boy, but Leahy was drowned. The officers were notified and the body was recovered after being in the water, which was six or seven feet deep, but a short time. The accident was a very sad one, involving as it did, the death of one little fellow while trying to save his playmate, but great credit is due Mr. Spellman for his humane efforts. It is to be hoped that the accident may serve as a warning to boys not to venture upon the ice till it shall become more firmly frozen than it is now.

The New Hampshire Patriot, Concord, NH 24 Nov 1875