Pittsfield, NH House Fires, Sept 1857

FIRE IN PITTSFIELD.----Early on Friday morning, the dwelling houses and outbuildings of James M. Blake and Levi Tilton, in Pittsfield village, were destroyed by fire. Most of their contents were saved. Mr. Blake was insured for $1000; his loss was much more. Mr. Tilton was not insured at all. The fire is suppose to have been the diabolical work of an incendiary.

New Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette, Concord, NH 16 Sept 1857


FIRE AT PITSFIELD.[sic].----Two houses and two barns burnt. About four o'clock Friday, morning, a fire was discovered in the barn of James Blake, Pittsfield, this State. The flames spread from that to the barn of Levi Tilton, near by, and then to Blake's house, and afterwards to Tilton's consuming the four buildings. They were large two story houses, with Ls. Most of the furniture was saved. Blake's was insured, but Tilton's was not. The loss was $3000 and $4000. George L. Nutter's elegant house was in great danger and so was the house of Nathan Page. It is supposed that the fire was set.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 16 Sept 1857