Manchester, NH Railroad Accident, Nov 1858

TERRIBLE RAILROAD ACCIDENT.----We stop the press to announce a frightful accident that occurred near this city, on the Central Railroad, about 1½ o'clock this afternoon, on Drew & Hopkins gravel train.

JOHN G GOTHAM, a young man in this city had been had been up on the gravel train a little ways to see about getting work. The gravel train was going, and he and two others were in the rear dump car, and behind it was a car of tools. The pin was pulled to leave the tool car, when the train was in motion, and when taken out the train started up with a yerk[sic] and threw the three out. The other two scrambled out of the way, but the tool car ran over Gotham breaking both legs by the thigh, jamming one all up making it the most painful sight we ever beheld, and injuring the other so as probably to spoil it. One hand is badly smashed, a finger to two being jammed off. It is not probable that he can survive the operations of the surgeons.-----Manchester Mirror, 18th

MR. GOTHAM died at 3½ o'clock, P. M., of the same day, after the amputation of one leg. He was about 25 years of age, unmarried, and came from Lancaster, where his friends reside.

New Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette, Concord, NH 24 Nov 1858