Meredith Bridge, NH Fire, Apr 1870

Fire at Meredith Bridge.

Concord, April 8.---A fire at Meredith Bridge yesterday morning destroyed Smith & Foss' block, and the finishing building of the Wankawan Mill Company. Smith & Foss' loss on building and goods is $7000---partially insured. The Wankawan Hosiery Company lose $8000, and several other occupants lose various amounts. Total loss, $26,000---about half insured.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 9 Apr 1870


FIRES.----About three o'clock on the morning of the 7th, fire broke out in the stable of David Blake, at Meredith Village, and was communicated to the paint shop of L. Hartshorn. The finishing building of the Waukawan Mills, two stories high, next caught, and then the three story business blocks of John Smith, jr., and W. E. S. Foss. All these building were burned to the ground. The store of B. D. Plaisted and a dwelling house, one on each side of the block, were badly injured. The upper mill of the Waukawan Company also caught fire, but was saved. Aid was telegraphed for to Laconia, but owing to the early hour no operator was in the Laconian office. Waumeset engine company, number three, did valiant service.

The losses and insurance are as follows: John Smith, jr., building and goods, $4500; insured $2500; W. E. S. Foss, building and goods, $4000; insured $2000; T. B. Nichols, saloon stock, $2000; insured $1200; Thomas P. Smith, saloon stock, $2600; insured $1200; Oliver Thompson, saloon stock, $1000; no insurance; Waukawan Mills, building and goods, $4000; no insurance; Andrew Smith, machinery, $1000; no insurance; E. W. Gould, furniture, $350; no insurance; B. D. Plaisted & Co., damage on store, $400; insured $1200; L. Harshorn, stock of paints, $300; no insurance; G. M. Burleigh, carriages, $400; no insurance.

Some $1200 worth of carriages other than those above mentioned was destroyed in Hartshorn's paint shop. The fire is thought to have been incendiary, and has done great damage to the business of Meredith Village.

The two story wooden building in Hebron, known as the David Hazelton store, occupied by Wm. Brown & Co., as a country store and post office, was totally destroyed by fire on the morning of the 7th. The flames were first discovered about three o'clock A. M., in the front part of the store, but had attained too much headway to be easily put out. Nearly all the goods in the store were destroyed. Loss estimated at $2500, with a partial insurance.

On the 6th, in Milton Three Ponds, fire was discovered in the west end of the hotel, and all the buildings, including two large stables were burned. Hardly a thing was saved, even the family of the landlord barely getting away alive. The hardest of work alone saved the whole village. The tavern had been kept as such ninety-five years. Loss and insurance not reported.

The hotel was the Milton House, W. H. Huntress, landlord.

The New Hampshire Patriot, Concord, NH 13 Apr 1870


SERIOUS FIRE AT MEREDITH.----A disastrous fire occurred at Meredith Bridge, Friday, the losses by which are as follows footing up nearly $23,000: J. Smith, Jr., building and goods, $4500, insured for $2500; W. E. S. Foss, building and goods, $4000 partially insured; T. B. Nichols, saloon $2000, insured for $1200; Oliver Thompson, saloon, $2000, no insurance. G. M. Burleigh lost a carriage worth $400, no insurance, and other carriages valued at $1200. E. W. Gound, furniture, $350; no insurance. Andrew Smith, of New York, machinery, $1000; no insurance. Waukawan Mills Co., building, $1000, and Hosiery Co., $3000; probably no insurance, B. D. Plaisted & Co., damages on store, $400; insured for $1200. Other losses are small. The fire is attributed by some to ashes carelessly disposed of. The buildings were well on fire when first discovered at 3 o'clock. Some of the occupants and family narrowly escaped with their lives.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 14 Apr 1870


While trying to save horses from the fire at Meredith Village, on the 11th, Oliver Thompson was badly hurt by being trampled upon by one of the animals.

The New Hampshire Patriot, Concord, NH 20 Apr 1870