Concord, NH Fire, Jul 1866

LARGE FIRE AT CONCORD.----Concord has had a narrow escape from a disastrous conflagration, but fortunately there was little wind and the steam fire engine companies assisted by the Concord Railroad force pumps succeeded in staying in progress after two hours' severe labor. The fire broke out about half past three o'clock Friday afternoon in Ford & Kimball's iron foundry about fifty rods below the lower railroad depot and destroyed the following property; Ford & Kimball's iron foundry, loss from $35,000 to $40,000, insured for $11,924; B. F. Duncklee & Co.'s maching shop loss $1000, insured for $1400; Mr. Kimball's dwelling house, furniture mostly saved, loss $3000. The house of Timothy Colby, occupied by three families, was also destroyed.----About one half of Ford & Kimball's valuable paterns were saved. The premises were located nearly opposite ex-Governor Gilmore's residence. Some valuable property, both north and south of and immediately adjoining the fire, was saved, including the flour store of Barrow, Dodge and Co., the residence of J. R. Hill, and a new carriage establishment erecting for Harvey Morgan. Mr. Asa Folsom was severely injured by falling from the roof of a barn. The fire originated from an imperfect chimney of the furnace in the iron foundry, and caught first on the roof. Some twenty families moved their furniture from the vicinity of the fire.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 19 Jul 1866