Lee, NH Dam Break and Flood, Jun 1850

DISASTER AT LEE.---On Monday afternoon last, the people of Lee were called out of their work shops by the alarm-bells, and the word that Platner & Smith's dam at the foot of Scott's Pond was giving way. This pond, which covers a large area, has been raised about five feet, by the dam, making an immense reservoir for their mills and factory. The water had made a breach in one side, and was pouring through at a fearful rate. As the water came rushing down the hill into the village, it surrounded three dwelling-houses---one of which it razed from its foundation and destroyed, and damaged seriously the others. The road was torn up to the depth of 12 feet and 20 feet in length. About 300 men were early on the ground and by dint of hard labor, succeeded in stopping the flood. The damage to Platner & Smith (including the dwelling,) is estimated at from $15,00 to $2000. We have not learned whether or not any damage was done on the Houstonic below.----Pittsfield Eagle.

The Semi-Weekly Eagle, Brattleboro, VT 6 Jun 1850