Stark, NH Train Wreck, Dec 1854

Accident on the Grand Trunk Railroad---Several Persons Badly Injured.

From the State of Maine, Dec. 2. As the Island Pond Train for Portland on the Grand Trunk Railroad, was near Thompson's Mills, in the town of Stark, yesterday morning, the snow plow got off the track, which brought the train to a stand still. While in this situation a freight train approached, coming in the same direction, running into the passenger cars, smashing them up and injuring some eight or ten persons very severely, but causing no deaths so far as we can learn. In the confusion two of the passenger cars took fire and were entirely consumed.

We learn from a Mr. HUBBARD, of Veazie, Me., who was a passenger in the train at the time of the disaster, and who was somewhat bruised, that the cars had hardly stopped before the freight train was upon them. There was one passenger car and a box car in the rear. The box car was forced through and upon the passenger car, crushing it about half its entire length. The box car immediately took fire, and both that and the passenger car were consumed. There were about forty passengers on board, all of whom, with the exception of some half-dozen, were more or less injured. Some leaped out of the windows, and some crawled out of the wreck; and those able to work dragged out the helpless. One woman was thrown upon the stove in the car, and very badly burned, so that she is hardly expected to recover. She was the last one extricated, and had with her a child, which was somewhat burned, but not severely.

The following is a list of those most severely wounded, so far as we can learn:

Mr. McCRILLIS, of Bangor, had his leg broken; he was left at Gorham, N. H.

Mr. EMERY, of Upper Stillwater, let burned and severely bruised.

Mr. YOUNG, of Orono, burnt.

A lady, name unknown, was left at West Milan. Two ladies, unknown, were considerably bruised.

Among the injured are Wm. BURNS, of the firm of Burns & Fletcher, Attorneys, Lancaster, fractured leg;

Wm. H. McCrillis, Esq., of Bangor, Me., collar-bone broken---very comfortable.

Drs. ROBINSON and PLUMMER, of Portland, are in attendance in addition to several physicians from the neighboring towns. All those remaining at Stark can be removed to-morrow, with the exception of Mrs. TAYLOR, who is very badly burned, and is in critical state. Mrs. T. had been visiting at Lancaster. A Mrs. JOHNSON, of Northumberland, had her knee badly crushed, and Mr. JOHNSON had his arm injured.

It is said that Mr. GOULD, the conductor of the passenger train, cautioned the freight train conductor, as he passed him a short time before, to run slow and avoid coming on the passenger train. This was not more than 20 minutes before the accident occurred. Mr. GOULD jumped off with a flag before the train stopped, and had not got farther than the end of the train before he saw the freight train coming a few rods off.

A locomotive was immediately dispatched for Dr. HOWE, of Shelburne, and there was one Doctor from Northumberland, and two from Gorham, N. H., soon in attendance. Drs. ROBINSON and PLUMER went out from Portland. Five or six of the wounded once were brought to Portland in the regular train which arrived near 4 o'clock some two hours behind time.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Dec 1854