Merideth, NH Terrible Railroad Accident, Oct 1852


Concord, N. H., Thursday, Oct. 7 -- 8 P. M.
A terrible accident occurred to-day, on the Montreal Railroad, near the Weirs steamboat landing, by which six persons were killed and from twelve to sixteen dangerously injured. An extra train was coming from the steamboat Dover, at Meredith Village, with a large number of passengers on their way to the State Fair at Meredith Bridge. Soon after it started, a car coupling broke while on a pile bridge near the Weirs, and before the accident could be repaired another extra train from the steamer Dover ran into it, and a most heart-rending scene ensued.
Among those reported to be killed are the following:
JOHN H. SMITH, of Dover, Clerk of Strafford County Courts.
MR. ROBERTS and child, of Holderness.
MR. McDUFFEE, of Acton.
MR. EDGARLY, of Tufton Borough.
Among those dangerously injured were:
SANBORN C. CARTER, of Ossipee, Registrar of Probates in Carroll County (who is reported to have since died).
THOMAS W. MORDOUGH, ESQ., of Wakefield, who had both his legs broken.
Others, some of whom are reported to have since died.
Many jumped inito the water, which was fifteen feet deep.
Governor MARTIN was in the train, but was not injured.
A lady named EVANS was killed at Sanburton Bridge to-day by the cars, while attempting to take her child from the train.
Another woman named LORD was killed by a horse at the Fair Grounds, near Meredith.

The New York Times New York 1852-10-09