Bricktown, NJ Twin Engine Plane Crash, Apr 1973


Bricktown, N.J. (UPI) -- A pilot and six passengers aboard a twin-engine plane were killed Monday when the aircraft apparently exploded near a housing development and scattered its wreckage over several square miles, authorities said.
Police said four bodies were found within half an hour of the pre-dawn crash. A fifth was discovered later in the morning and a sixth in mid-afternoon, police said.
The dead, all from New Jersey, were identified as:
Pilot ANTHONY J. BLASI, JR., 30, of Ocean Township, Monmouth County.
ANN KARPO, 22, of Ocean.
SANDRA CLEMENTS, 21, of Long Branch.
CARMINE J. INTESO, 33, of Long Branch.
MARIE PETILLO, 31, of Eatontown.
SHERIDAN COMERATE, 42, of Long Branch.
In New York, George Van Epps, chief of the Eastern region for the NTSB, said an investigation would start with a reassembling of the plane.
"The airplane appears to have had an in-flight breakup," Van Epps said. "Our program is now to gather all the pieces and reconstruct whatever is necessary for a complete study of the aircraft itself."

Billings Gazette Montana 1973-04-17


Al, I would be very

I would be very interested in hearing more about this, as well as seeing the pics/negatives. My father was the pilot Anthony.

Brick Quee Air crash

So my dad, a Point Boro police officer and Police Photographer Flight instructor, friend of Art Stock saw the incident Occur. I belive some of his photos were given to the press. He was one of the first on scene as he was working the Midnight to eight shift. I told me quite a bit about it...Somewhere I have the original negatives. I would love to see the press articles if you ever come across them.

George Van Epps

George Van Epps, who is mentioned several times at this site, gave my father his firs airplane ride in a Lincoln-Page flying from a farm field in Sandy Creek, NY

I want everyone to know that

I want everyone to know that my sister Marie AKA Toni was an amazing beautiful woman and I miss her everyday. I was very young when this happened but my memories of her are like yesterday in my mind. I hope their is truly a life after death and somehow she can see how amazing her children and little sister and brother turned out. We had a tough childhood but god is good and I often think of how proud she would be of her beautiful grandchildren, nieces and nephews that she never lived long enough to see. I often ride by her grave site on Rt 66 and speak to her... sometimes I smell her favorite perfume... and right there at that moment I know she is right by side hearing and feeling everything I want her to know.

johnny (Carmine) Inteso

Hi Lenny-

could you please tell me if Johnny Carmine Inteso was with you all that night?

do you know if he boarded that plane?

sheridan comerate

If anyone knew him well please contact me. .janssenb@yahoo.com.
A close family friend.

plane crash

All your info is correct but you are missing
a few key points....i was with them that night
and never spoke to anyone about the incident
I was 19 years old at the time.For the first
time in my life I just looked up Johnny Inteso
and reading the comments about the plane accident
in 1973.
Thank You


Sheridan was one of my best friends.....I helped him open The Sub Shop in Sea Bright. Romeo his great dane was there.
I remember how excited he was to get the part in The Godfather. He was my best man when I got married.
I met Sheridan while working at the Berkley Carteret Hotel in Asbury Park.
He introduced my to Johnny (Carmine) at the Windjammer where I worked as bartender.
I will never forget Sheridan (Johnny Walker Black on the rocks) and our fun times together.
I also worked with Marie at The Admirals Table in Deal.
Sheridan...best friend ever.
Jimmy Roberts

Carmen Inteso

I beleive you are speaking of my uncle Carmine J Inteso.

We still have reason to believe he is alive. is name is carmen J Inteso.

my father was sent in to identify him by the ring on the hand thye had.

do you have photographs of the bodies?

i know thats a crazy request and apparently the bodies were only identified by parts.

But we have been trying to uncover the mystery of his death for years.

and we do belive he had mob connections.

contact me @ carolineerrickson@icloud.com

Thank you!
more than likely a true stoory and not an urban legend.

Carmen Inteso

Sorry for the very long delay Maria-

yes... she hsd very long blond hair...about 5/6 quintessential child of the 60's....she wore a miniskirt to our house for dinner.

and yes very beautiful