Lakehurst, NJ Passenger Airliner Crash, Aug 1946



Lakehurst -- Investigators sought to determine today the cause of the crash of a two-engined Atlantic Central Airlines passenger plane in which three persons were killed and three others injured.
The plane, a Lockheed Lodestar, crashed just off the Naval Air Station here yesterday while enroute from Atlantic City to Newark.
Killed were:
THOMAS A. CARLIN, JR., North Hills, Pa., pilot.
PAUL FOLEY, Elizabeth, N.J., an official of the Pehelps-Dodge Corporation.
RAYMOND LeROY KREIDLER, Fairmont, W. Va., superintendent of the Westinghouse Fluorescent Lamp Plant, Fairmont.
Injured, who were taken to the air base hospital here, were:
RUTH ECKERSLY, East Orange, N.J., hostess.
HARRY CARTER, Elizabeth City, an accountant.
The plane had asked the naval air base tower concerning Newark weather and was told it was all right. Instead of flying on to Newark, however, the pilot approached the airfield here and asked permission to land.
He brought the ship in too high for a landing and apparently was preparing for another approach when the plane nosed downward. It appeared that one engine was not running.
KREIDLER, a Westinghouse engineer since 1923, recently was placed in charge of the new $3,000,000 Westinghouse plant in Fairmont.

Middletown Times Herald New York 1946-08-10


My father, John Stankaitis,

My father, John Stankaitis, was stationed at NAS and lived close by. He heard the crash and rushed to the scene. He found the stewardess lying in a ditch near the burning plane. He pulled her to safety just before the plane exploded. He received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroisim. That was the first medal he received for heroism - he got his second when we were stationed on Guam in 1962 and saved a man from drowning. He is now 95 years old and I am quite proud of him.

The pilot Tom Carlin , was

The pilot Tom Carlin , was my uncle, Trying to find out more info on the crash. Thanks for posting