Berlin, NJ Aerial Mail Plane Crash, Apr 1920


Camden, N.J., April 10. -- Lieutenant MARK C. HOGUE of Portland, Ore., and Lieutenant RICHARD WRIGHT, of Cleveland, Ohio, were injured today when the aerial mail plane they were piloting from Bustleton, Pa., to Washington, caught fire 1,700 feet over Berlin, 15 miles from here.
HOGUE, the pilot, who escaped with bruises, did a nose dive. When the machine was 200 feet from the ground WRIGHT, who had crawled out on one of the wings, dropped. Both legs and his right arm were broken.
The plane then hit a tree and the gasoline tank exploded, setting the tree on fire. HOGUE was blown out of his seat, but picking himself up, he searched for his companion and brought him to a hospital here, where it is feared he may die.
Both aviators had served in France during the war. WRIGHT, who is credited with having brought down several German planes, was seriously wounded in one combat.

Billings Gazette Montana 1920-04-11