Martin's Creek, NJ Train Wreck, Apr 1911 - Dead, Missing & Injured

Martin's Creek, NJ Train Wreck 1911


Two Dead, Eight Missing, and More Than Fifty Injured at Martin's Creek, N. J.


Party of 169 Up-State School Teachers and Friends Were on the Way to Washington.

Special to The New York Times.

EASTON, Penn., April 29.---A train carrying 169 school teachers, friends, and relatives, bound from Utica, Syracuse, and Waterville, N. Y., to Washington, was hurled down a forty-foot embankment at Martin's Creek, N. J., nine miles north of this place, about 3 o'clock this afternoon. Two persons dead, eight persons are missing, and more than fifty were maimed, crushed, or burned in the crash and fire which consumed the five coaches immediately after the accident.


RUTHERFORD, Miss ELEANOR, died at 10:35 o'clock to-night in the Easton Hospital.
PERSON, CHARLES M., conductor of the train, Stroudsburg, Penn., died after an operation in the Easton Hospital.

The Missing.

ALLEN, Mrs. Mary.
JONES, Miss Sarah.
KNOUTT, Miss Sophia.
LINSMAN, Miss Louisa.
SESSIONS, Miss Susan.
WALKER, Miss Bessie.
WILMER, Harry, Trenton, N. J., baggage master. The railroad officials say he is undoubtedly dead.

The Injured.

Here is a partial list of the injured, most of whom are in the Easton Hospital:

BAKER, Miss Flora, cut about the face and hands.
BAYNES, Miss Cora, Rome, N. Y., seriously shocked and bruised.
BAYNES, Miss Catherine, sister of above, teacher in Utica School, slightly injured.
BROWN, V. G., Utica, cut and burned.
BURLIN, G. A., Utica, slight injuries about the head.
BURTON, M., President of Utica Teacher's Association, cut about the head.
CAMPBELL, Miss Anna, bruised about the hands and arms.
CONDON, Miss Mary, Utica, N. Y., arm broken, cuts and burns.
DUFFY, Miss Catherine, cut about hands and face.
HALL, Miss Bertha, Waterville, N. Y., burns, cuts, and bruises; not dangerously hurt.
HALL, Frances, sister of Bertha Hall, face and arms burned; not dangerously hurt.
LAWSON, Miss Catherine, scalp badly lacerated.
LIGHT, Miss Augusta, New Hartford, N. Y., burns and face lacerated. LINSMAN, Miss Cecelia, cut about face and arms.
O'BRIEN, Miss Anna, cut about the head by glass in a window through which she was hurled when the train went down the embankment.
PARSONS, George W., fireman, Lambertville, N. J., burns about the head and face; severe shock, indicating internal injuries.
RAWLEY, Mrs. W. C., cut about the hands and arms and bruised about the face.
RAWLEY, Miss Edith, cut about the face and arms and bruised about the body.
RUTHERFORD, Miss Carrie, sister of above, burns, not seriously injured. SCHWABE, Miss Fredericka, Utica, N. Y.; burned about the face and right arm broken.
SCHWABE, Miss Minnie, sister of above; burned about the face.
SMITH, Miss Ethel, Waterville, N. Y., teacher; bruises and burns.
VANOY, W. M., Trenton, N. J., engineer, head and arms injured; may be hurt internally.
WICHENBACH, Miss Julia, Utica, head cut and bruised.
WILLIAMS, Miss Elizabeth, Utica, burned and bruised.
WILLIAMS, Miss Margaret, Utica, cuts, burns, and bruises.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Apr 1911