Atlantic City, NJ Aeroplane Crash, Jul 1912


Miss Harriet Quimby and Passenger in Monoplane Plunge Into Bay at Boston During Exhibition Flight---Spanish Flyer Succumbs.

Boston, July 3.---Miss HARRIET QUIMBY of New York, the first woman to win an aviator's license in America and the first woman to cross the English channel in an aeroplane, was instantly killed with her passenger, W. A. P. WILLARD, manager of the Boston aviation meet, at Atlantic City on Monday, when her Bleriot monoplane fell into Dorchester bay from a height of a thousand feet.

The bodies were driven deep into the mud on the harbor bottom, and were extricated with difficulty by men in launches. The water at that stage of the tide was only five feet deep.

The horrifying spectacle of two forms plunging through the air was witnessed by thousands of spectators attending the Boston aero meet.

The death of Miss HARRIET QUIMBY constitutes the fifth aviation fatality to a woman since the inception of the new science, the previous victims being an unnamed girl at Buda Pest, June 17, 1911; Mlle. Denise Moore at Etampes, July 21, 1911; Mlle Suzanne Bernard at Etampes, March 10, 1912; and Mrs. Julian Clark at Springfield, Ill., June 17,1912. There were fifteen fatalities during the month of June last, beginning with the death of Philip O. Parmalee in Washington on June 1. On June 11, Lieutenant Hazelhurst and "Al" Welsh were killed at Washington, and on June 21 Henry Turner was killed at Hempstead, N. Y.

The total number of aviation fatalities since the death of Lieutenant Selfridge in September, 1908, is now 158.

Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 19 Jul 1912